Rainbow Loom Bracelet Making

rainbow loom bracele makingRainbow Loom bracelet making is really what started it all with the original Twistz Bandz. You could make a few different patterns using just your hands, this is actually how my daughter got started as well as many of her friends. Now with the help of the actual loom there are all kinds of different designs, from simple to more complicated that kids can make.

The great thing about most the designs is almost any child can make them. Some may take a little more time and practice but, it works as a great test in trial and error. I have seen many kids that normally get frustrated with things they have trouble with just keep plugging away at Rainbow Loom bracelet patterns, even when they have a little trouble.

Rainbow Loom Triple Single Bracelet

What really helps, in my opinion, is the fact that they see other kids making the bracelets and succeeding which gives them a little more incentive. Also, most kids will help each other so kids feel more accomplished then when a parent or adult helps with something.

Rainbow Loom bracelet making also supports creativity. From choosing different colors to trying different patterns to even creating their own patterns. Making these different bracelets and exploring what does and does not work are a great way for kids and adults to let their creativity flow. Not only are there multiple Rainbow Loom bracelet designs but you can also make necklaces, rings, charms, mini bags and more. The Twistz Bandz are so easy to work with and flexible you can make almost anything with them.

Rainbow Loom Barefoot Sandals

As you can see you are not just limited to making bracelets with the Twistz Bandz, there are plenty of amazing things you can do with these simple colored rubber bands.

Keep checking back as we will be adding more tutorials and finding new Rainbow Loom bracelet designs. If you know of a design we do not have here and want to learn about it leave a comment below!

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