Why Twistz Bandz Are Such A Great Craft

twistz bandz rainbow loom

The Rainbow Loom, which has been around since 2011, is still one of the most popular kids crafts on the market today. What started out for many as a simple way to make rubber band bracelets and jewelry has become a a craft that can make almost anything from charms for your jewelry to small figures of popular characters.
just look at some of the cool things in the video below.

Rainbow Loom Pattern Designs

Some pretty cool stuff and all if it is really not that hard to make.

One of the things that makes the Rainbow Loom Twistz Bandz such a great craft is that almost anyone can do it. I have seen kids as young as 4 years old successfully making bracelets and know of many older teens and adults that enjoy making things with the bands as well.

One of the things that parents really like about it is that it is a hands on activity. In an age where most everything is done on a computer, tablet or other electronic device this is something you can do yourself and unplug from the electronic world. Kids can expand their imagination by creating there own designs so it mentally and physically benefits them.

ThereĀ  is also a social aspect to Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom as well. Many kids will make bracelets or charms for their friends and give them as small gifts. I have seen a group of children sitting in a circle all making something but, they are doing it for someone else in the circle. They also talk and interact with each other a lot more then they would if they were playing a video game of some sort.twistz bandz rainbow loom

Another thing that makes Twistz Bandz such a great craft is they are extremely portable. You can easily carry your everything in a small bag or if you are really tight on space just bring some of the bands themselves .There are a lot of different patterns and designs that can be made without using the loom at all. That is actually how we were first introduced to the whole thing. We simply got a bag of bands at a local store for a couple of dollars.

That actually brings us to another reason this craft is so great, price. The rainbow loom itself is less then $20 and the bags of bands are really cheap as well. You can get a bag at a local store for $5- $7 and probably even cheaper now. I honestly have not looked recently because I order more online now.

Bottom line is if you are looking for something to keep the kids busy that does not involve plugging it into a wall or charging it, this is a great craft to get them started on.

Twistz Bandz Is Now Rainbow Loom


Twistz Bandz is now new and improved. With the new upgraded product they have also changed the name to Rainbow Loom. Check out Some of the upgrades with this video from the official website


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